All of your social media content in one place.

Fully branded

Your name, logo, colour palette, categories and user types

Social channels

Stream Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Push notifications

Beat the social media noise and send notifications direct to your users


Track content performance and identify your most engaged users

Data capture

Identify who is interested in your content when they start using your app

App stores

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Half of your audience isn't on social media

Today, you’re like a market stall - you have great content but you’re competing to be heard in a very noisy marketplace (and against the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms).

Also, around half of your audience isn’t on social media, so they don’t see any of your best content.

What if you could be like a shop, with a window where everyone could come and see all the inspiring things you’re doing?

School Window aggregates social media content from across your institution so that your audience can choose the content that's important to them.

Marketing and admissions

How many touchpoints do you have with prospective parents?

Parents want to know how friendly and supportive your school is, what pupils are achieving, and what the school's values are.

School Window aggregates a school’s social media so that parents can choose the content that's important to them. And they don't need social media accounts to do it.

Now you can create many more touchpoints with parents so they develop the confidence that their child will thrive at your school.

Alumni relations

How often are you connecting with alumni and donors?

Many of your alumni and donor prospects aren’t on social media but they do have smartphones and tablets, and they watch YouTube.

School Window aggregates a school's social media accounts so that your alumni can choose the content that's important to them. And they don't need social media accounts to do it.

Now you can communicate more frequently with your alumni so they feel more strongly connected to you.

What schools say

"This is brilliant. So often schools struggle to pull their social media together. School Window provides a clear and effective solution"
Henry Cosh
Development Manager
Radley College
"We use School Window to showcase our student journey. It creates many more touchpoints for prospective parents, increasing their connection to the school"
Jenny Dinning
Head of External Relations
Bootham School
"This is great! We’ve been talking about how we get more of our content to our alumni"
Jeremy Pidgeon
Alumni Programmes Manager
Newcastle University

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